Monday 29 May 2023

New project for 2023 making good progress in the background.

Every Christmas over the past three years I’ve been taking advantage of the Foundry sale to buy some early Napoleonic Russians. I chose to get them in greatcoats, primarily to ease the painting marathon that 20-odd assorted battalions of musketeers, grenadiers and jäger would otherwise pose.

The Russo-Swedish War 1808-1809 has interested me for many years so, it seemed like a good opportunity for another niche campaign to hit the Burrow. The Swedes are going to be mainly Perrys with some Eagle miniatures as well. These are the first of the Swedish/Finnish army, two units of Perry cavalry.

Karelian Dragoons

Both regiments. 

Nyland Dragoons 

Painted by mate Barry, based by me. Of course I also have a couple of other side projects to get on with this year. But more on them later.


  1. Another niche project steaming ahead on the Burrow!

  2. Very nice looking Swedish cavalry, an interesting project and one I will follow with great interest.

  3. Interesting period/conflict which I sadly know nothing about 🤔