Sunday 28 May 2023

More units for the 1866 collection

It’s amazing (actually if you think about it, it isn’t) but my lead mountain has managed to yield these figures, enough for several units. 

Cuirassier Regiment No.6 (Czar Nicholas I of Russia). These are wearing the early version of the helmet. North Star 1866  miniatures.

Two battalions of Baden infantry with a battery of 12-pdr smoothbores (one gun model needed). These are actually Danes from the North Star 1864 range but they’re almost right as the Badeners went, albeit unwillingly, to war in peaked forage caps and greatcoats.

Another Austrian battalion for 1866. This has been on the painting desk for six months at least but I finally completed them yesterday. North Stae ex-Helion 1866.

I have one more Austrian battalion to complete then they can join their regiment’s 1st battalion in my fourth brigade of Austrians, making a total of 28(!) battalions, which is the equivalent of an entire corps. And that doesn’t include my Saxons, Hessians, Bavarians and minor state chums or the cavalry.

Prussian cuirassiers and Baden infantry painted by my mate Barry of the Like a Stone Wall Group. I did the Austrian battalion and I based and flagged all of the units.