Wednesday 10 May 2023

FOR SALE - 28mm Thirty Years War Armies.

I’ve never been satisfied with the 30YW games we’ve played over the years, mainly because none of the rules we’ve used give me what I feel is a decent representation of the armies in action. I always enjoyed them as games but they didn’t have what I imagined might be a 30YW feel. 

So, I’ve decided to sell my 28mm Swedish and Imperial/Catholic League armies. There are lots of them and I would prefer to sell them as a job lot if anyone out there has a few quid to spare. I really can’t be arsed to list them all on eBay unless I have to. They’re mostly metal with plastic Warlord minis as well. They’re all very nicely painted to a good tabletop standard.

Look back over this blog for 30YW posts to see lots of photos of the collection. Here are a few more plus a run down of what is actually available. All prices shown are negotiable.

Catholic League/Imperialist:

Generals: 9 stands, three of 2 figures                £120

Cuirassiers (all plastic): 42 incl 6 Wallensteins lifeguards £336

Harquebusiers: 48    £480

Infantry regiments  (2 are plastic): 288 50/50 pike and shot    £1376

Commanded shot: 16 on two bases     £80

Artillery: 6 heavy or medium guns with 25 crew (they would do for either side)    £60

In total, 12 command figs, 90 mounted, 304 infantry, 6 guns and 25 crew. £2452



Cuirassiers        24 (12 full cuirassiers, 12 half cuirassiers) £240

Swedish             36 plastic, 18 metal 12 metal Finns    £492

Commanded shot    3 bases of 8, 24 figs    £120

Infantry regiments each has one base of approx 16 pike incl command and 3 x 8 bases of shot (24). Seven regiments in all, a few plastic but almost all metal. 280 figs. £1400

Artillery      10 light guns and 30 crew    £150

Generals     9 bases , 10 figures              £100

In total 10 general figures, 90 mounted, 304 foot, 10 guns and 30 gunners.  £2526

Should anybody be interested please pm me using the facility on this blog and we can discuss prices. I’m looking for around £5 for foot and £10 for mounted (-20%for plastics). That comes to £4978 but open th offers and haggling.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Best of luck with the sale.

    1. I will need it!

    2. Finding someone able to buy them all in one go is a big ask I know but I don’t want to split them and be left with the remnants, nor do I wish to give them away for peanuts to an Ebay reseller. If they don’t sell they don’t sell.