Sunday 14 May 2023

More Seven Weeks War 1866

The first complete unit started from scratch since we got back home. This is the Lubeck Fusilier Battalion, part of the Hanseatic Brigade which was part of the Prussian and Allied army fighting in Western Germany against the Federal VII and VIII corps.

The figures are actually Steve Barber 28mm FPW Saxons but they’re ideal for this unit and several others* from what was the IInd Reserve Corps on the River Maine.  The flag is a real Lubeck flag but from 100 years or so earlier. It’s much nicer than the late Napoleonic version which is tad boring by comparison. Of course they may not have carried a flag, but my toys, my rules. These are lovely figures but the arms on most are separate and could have done with a locating pin cast on them to help them stay stuck to the torsos. No big deal though.

* the others include Brunswick, Nassau, and perhaps another battalion of Hanseatic troops, Bremen I think? Could also be Hanoverian J├Ąger (which I don’t need) and with suitable new heads (which I have) they could be 1866 Saxons.



  1. Great addition, the flag is a good choice for color as well.

  2. They look very good, Colin.