Monday 28 August 2023

More odds and ends - Fall of France.

I was able to clear another few square inches off my painting desk yesterday when I completed these bits n pieces for my France 1940 collection. They’re all 20mm, and with the exception of the refugees are all from Early War Miniatures super range of French troops for the fall of France.

Refugees to add to the others I have ready to make an appearance. I can’t remember where I got these but they are metal rather than resin 3d prints.

On the left is a cavalry medium machine gun cart. I suppose this means I. Red to do some cavalry? Of course it does! On the right a limbered 25mm AT gun, destined for my Tirailleurs Algerien or Senegalese.

These four are an assortment of mortar or infantry supply carts, again for my French.

Not too bad for a wet Bank Holiday Sunday. That is probably enough displacement activity and I really should get on with basing the 10 battalions of early Napoleonic Russians; maybe I should clear a few more square inches off my desk before heading down that road?

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  1. Fine additions to the 1940 collection there Colin!