Thursday 31 August 2023

More Displacement Activity - France 1940 and a Monster!

This monster is a Char 2C super heavy tank. Info here. Only 10 were built, (No.93 was named Alsace). They were mobilised as a single unit, the 51st Tank Battalion. The unit never saw action as they were essentially crap for a whole list of reasons. All bar one were lost or destroyed by their crews as they were withdrawn to safety, but No.99, Champagne, was captured more or less intact and taken to Germany. 

Thankfully for me someone else is a bit of Francophile when it comes to their early WW2 tanks and I picked up this slightly damaged 3D print a while back. 

Crew take a rest and slug some wine while tank is fixed.

It arrived with some track damage so I thought I’d not repair it all to represent the throwing of a track. 

The tank is 1/72 scale, as are the crew ( there were 12 in total) who are dwarfed by 
Champaign after its capture by the Germans in June 1940.

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