Monday 21 August 2023

More Progress: Early Napoleonic Russian Update

 A very quick and short post to show how my 1807-1809 Russians are getting along.

They’re not finished yet obviously but almost there; flags ready, basing to do and a coat of varnish and Ivan’s your uncle. Nine battalions including two jäger and the grenadiers of another two battalions are shown here, half of which were painted for me by Chris Brack of Marching in Colour.  I’ve already finished two half batteries of artillery so their other halves will be started shortly. Then it’ll be time to work on the other 10 infantry battalions, more artillery and a bit of cavalry and commanders.


  1. Quite a Parade of Russians, coming along nicely 👍

  2. A of great coats there. Great work.

  3. Dobbie has been busy I see! Grand progress with all those Ivan's puts my meagre efforts with Crimean War era Roosians in the shade...