Wednesday 30 August 2023

Todays stuff

Hectic day today in real life but I was still able to get these chaps based up.

Command stand for the Sikh Wars or maybe even the Crimea. The guy with the umbrella is a very very old Minifigs figure; a bit small but it works and brings back memories of over 50 years ago when I first had this casting.
Franco-Prussian War Artillery. At the front left we have a pair of 12-pdrs and then a pair of 4-pdrs . Behind, still minus their guns (yet), are more Prussian gunners. They’ll be united with their guns soon.

Same again. The French are Perrys and the Prussians North Star. My mate Barry painted them and all I did was base them up. I like them.

I wonder what I will get finished tomorrow? Have to see where my mood and time takes me.