Wednesday 9 August 2023

Russians Update. Not the progress I had hoped for but……it’s still progress

Well, six weeks in I had been planning to have rather more of this Russian force at the point I wanted them at, ie ready for a little highlighting and varnish then basing. I brought two regiments of Russian infantry, six battalions of 32 figures (24 musketeers and 8 grenadiers), and two half-batteries of artillery, minus the actual cannon.

Musketeers but off the top of my head I can’t remember which regiment they are destined to be.


Should get these finished before we come home.

The shambles that is my temporary painting station.

Well I have failed 😞. There is only one battalion ready, plus two of the three grenadier companies of the regiment (one per battalion). I will more than likely get the other two battalions of the first regiment finished and all the others have had their greatcoats speed painted (still not wholly convinced as I like contrast paints better I think). You never know I may well get them pretty much along the road to completion as they’re very simple figures to paint and the greatcoats make them even simpler; collars, shoulder straps, cross belts, faces and various applications of black.

So it may be a bit longer before these boys take on the valiant/dastardly (delete as applicable) Swedes, let alone any Frenchies.

An interesting anecdote, or not? I very occasionally have used a painting service in Kiev, and keep in touch quite regularly, so given the current circumstances and to support them in their time of need I sent about a hundred figures to Vladimir to have painted. I mentioned that I had lots of Russians needing painting but thought it might be a bit insensitive, so they were sent loads of Steel Fist peasants. Not a problem I was told “as those Russians are history and we’ve been accepting commissions of Russian figures throughout the war” or words to that effect. I imagine many more present day Russians will join their forbears before this madness stops and Putin goes.


  1. Well, in my book that's more than decent progress! Good to hear your Ukrainian chum is still in business too. Agree on the madness also as you'd expect.

  2. Any progress is progress. Keep steady on, these are done!