Monday 9 October 2023

28mm Russian Cavalry 3D prints

As readers may know I’m building an early/mid-Napoleonic Russian army. Most of the figures were as someone might recall, bought on three successive Foundry Xmas Sales, the up to 25% off one. Long term army planning supreme.

Then I saw these 3d resin prints on eBay sold by Hoplite Miniatures. They do a wide range of miniatures beyond these Napoleonic ones, but the ones that got me going were these Russian cuirassiers. Also in the range are dragoons, hussars and a variety of infantry. A set of 12 cavalry costs about £28, sometimes as little as £26, so not much more than £2 a figure. Compared to the price of a similar metal casting these are a no brainer for a pensioner such as me, e.g. the same money would get you a mere six Foundry cavalrymen, and not many more for most manufacturers.

All 36 of my prints were all clean and the details pretty good; ok not as much depth as a metal figure but  enough for me. They’re quite robustly made and feel strong too. Anyway see what you think…..


  1. Looks pretty decent, should paint up very nicely.

  2. Not to my taste/prejudices but I'm sure they will paint up ok.

    1. They do paint up very nicely. I will post photos of these and some Foundry ones when done for comparison.