Tuesday 24 October 2023

Atlas of the Battles and Campaigns of the American Revolution 1775-1783

In this book Helion, as part of their ‘from Reason to Revolution’ series, have produced a remarkable history of the American Revolution which students of the war or just those with a passing interest will find incredibly satisfying and informative. Author David Bonk and graphic artist George Anderson should be very pleased with the result of their labours.

It is a big book in physical size and in its scope. The maps, all 119 of them, are the absolute unquestionable stars of this publication. They are colourful, full of detail but not too detailed so as to verge on being confusing, and are very well produced and provide a clear image of each campaign, battle and skirmish that took place in America, as well as further afield in the West Indies, the Indian Ocean and the siege of Gibraltar.

After the introduction and a look at the British ‘empire’ in North America and the path to war, we leap straight in to the body of the book. It is helpfully broken down into chapters for each year from 1775 to 1781, and each action is dealt with chronologically, every year beginning with a useful strategic summary. So, for example, in 1780, we get the aforementioned strategic summary, followed by a chapter each on the Charleston campaign, the siege of Charleston, Charleston Neck, Waxhaws, Connecticut Farms, Springfield, Hanging Rock, Camden, King’s Mountain and Blackstocks. The maps for each of these are accompanied by a brief but detailed summary of the engagement AND orders of battle for the forces engaged.

Military atlases are a popular medium for providing a good solid foundation that readers can use to broaden their understanding when they are done well. This one is an absolute stunner, and was clearly a labour of love for both authors. They should both be incredibly pleased with the end result, and this review comes with with my admiration and congratulations for a job very well done.

I sold my American Revolution armies many years ago as my interest had waned significantly, but now that interest has now been rekindled significantly. Will I replace them? Not for a while,  it maybe sometime next year? Who knows……..


  1. Very kind words Colin and very much appreciated.

  2. Another excellent review Colin. Thanks

  3. Better put that one on my Crimbo list .... I have quite a few AWI both 'modern' and 'retro'