Friday 20 October 2023

Russian Napoleonic Cuirassiers, Russo- Swedish War

These are the first two squadrons of my Elizabetsgrad Cuirassiers. There were no Russian cuirassiers involved in this war, but (a) they could have been, and (b) it broadens my opportunities to field them against the French in 1807-1808.

These miniatures are all 3d resin prints and have turned out ok I think. I went with a less than pristine white for the coats to allow for some contrast with the cross belts. No loss of detail compared to metal castings, and by comparison they are cheap and very robust. Anyway, see what you think. 

Just another 18 figures to do to complete the regiment, and I’m well on with them.


  1. Nice additions! At least they're not plaaastic!

  2. They look very decent sculpts and have painted up very nicely/

  3. Very nice unit, or half unit per your plan.