Tuesday 10 October 2023

Russian Velikiutsk Regiment Complete

I’ve just completed the third battalion of this regiment for my Russo-Swedish and early/mid Napoleonic Wars collection. Here are all three formed up ready to into garrison under the table until needed. They certainly look an impressive sight.

Then of course I acquired a dog-eared copy of this long out of print book. In it Nafziger describes Russian regimental organisation for the period I am interested in as something different to what I decided to go with. Essentially instead of three battalions of four companies including one of grenadiers, there were three battalions, of which two were musketeers and one of grenadiers. It’s an easy fix should I decide to reorganise them but it’s not something that will contemplate soon as the overall visual effect remains great and I suspect the grenadiers were grenadiers in name only.

Anyway, good book and a very productive day. 


  1. Grand looking masses of Ivans there!

  2. A very impressive sight indeed, they look great, I hope they perform well when they hit the table!