Monday 9 October 2023

The Other Partizan

 John and I attended this event on Sunday. Despite the foggy conditions we arrived before 10:00 and although there was a bit of a queue didn’t have to wait long to get in. As usual the place was rammed full of games and traders and was incredibly busy. As a consequence of the unseasonably warm weather and the event being in an aircraft hangar it was also hot and sweaty inside, until the main doors were opened. The heat wasn’t an issue for me and everyone I almost ran over with trundleator was very kind in moving out of the way. My only gripe (and this is aimed wholly at the showground people)  was that for an event space with such a large capacity there were only four disabled parking bays, which is in my humble opinion totally unacceptable). 

The games were almost all good and many were outstanding. Here are some photos - I didn’t take many - of some of the games, in no particular order, which caught my eye. The omission of any others does not mean I didn’t like them but more probably that I missed them or the photos were not good enough, and given the low bar I set myself sometimes that is saying something!). 

Like A Stone Wall’s Game set in Spain in the late 11thC. The city was completely 3d printed.

The biggest game of Risk I have ever seen. A great idea and visually impressive but I think if they kept playing they’d still be at it at the next Partizan in May 2024!

Zulu War

Crimean War set on the Danube in 1853, before it became the Crimean War.

Very nice castle indeed.

A nice touch here was the mirror at the table edge giving some depth to the fortress wall. Game of Thrones game.

An awesome Indian city.

Never Mind the Boathooks.

Perry twins Franco-Prussian War using a variant of Valour and Fortitude.


My purchase amounted to a few tufts, some MDF bases and a German WW2 horse drawn limber off Early War Miniatures. 

The best part of both Partizan shows is the chance to meet up with lots of acquaintances and old friends, and to chat with what felt like hundreds of others during the course of the day. This was no different and it was great to catch up and to put names to faces of others only known to each other through the bloggasphere, Facebook and even eBay. 

Big thanks to John for giving me a lift and for the ice cream.


  1. It was grand to see you mobile and full of hobby enthusiasm, really enjoyed our natter. I feel better too as I managed just to buy more than you...just.

  2. Outstanding pictures and a great time out.

  3. I always end up looking at reports of Partizan to see if there were any games past the crowds! I saw three or maybe 4 this time- one of those - Lalsot- being a bare 10 feet or less from my stand. Saw a couple of others down the other end of the sweaty hall late in the afternoon. What I did see was rather spiffing though.