Thursday 12 October 2023

Today’s Displacement Activity

Despite my best efforts I’m still doing almost anything except paint Russian Napoleonics, particularly cavalry. I’ve been distracted by a frenzy on eBay selling a remarkable amount of excess (never needed) unpainted figures, a bit of tidying up and finishing these odd pieces to decorate the table.

First up, a Russian senior officer and his Cossack aide. I thought I could use these for the Crimea, but also for any of Bismark’s wars as a Russian Military Observer to one side or the other.

A Prussian general in hussar dress, either for 1866 or 1870/71. 

An Austro-Hungarian General or just something to decorate the tabletop. He could also join the ranks of my growing international community if military observers.

They look ok and do the job they’re supposed to. All of them together with the Lioness of the Burrow eying them menacingly , thinking “if you don’t tickle my tummy I shall trample all over these men and kick ‘em on the floor where the puppies will eat them!” As if she would …..🐲

I will hopefully get the first two squadrons of Russian dragoons finished tomorrow…..but I’m itching (if that’s the right word) to start my 3D resin cuirassiers.


  1. Nice additions, especially the 1:1 feline! Resin though, really? Nearly as bad as plaaastic!