Tuesday 2 July 2013

A quick update

Still on holiday but we come home on Thursday. While I've been away I have managed to keep in touch with goings on at home and also managed to buy a few bits and pieces off eBay and a couple of manufacturers, which I trust will be waiting for me when I get back. I picked up loads of painted Russian Crimean  figures off  eBay over event weeks and these will need rebasing, as will the British I bought off Foundry's sale a few months ago; the latter have been sent off to be painted by a pro figure painter as a treat to me from me, at very reasonable prices as I have more than enough to keep me busy.

My last post alluded to a forthcoming battle in the SYW campaign being run by Nigel at the Durham club. Apparently, well according to Dave the French C in C, the French gave the Hanoverians a damned good thrashing, which is great news but a shame thatI was away in Portugal basking in the sunshine and going on suicide dolphin cruises.

Yes, a bit of advice for anyone going to Vilamoura in the future. If you choose to go on a daytime dolphin cruise in a glass-bottomed boat take the following advice:

1. Make sure boat has a glass bottom. Ours didn't as once at our destination we were decanted into much smaller boats with glass bottoms,  in a 4 to 6 foot swell that made getting into and out of them quite, er, exciting. Best of all was that we had to put our life jackets on AFTER leaping into said small boat and takes off BEFORE making the return leap!

2. Take a sea sickness pill as the Atlantic is not friendly like the Med. Half the passengers spent most of the cruise throwing up their breakfasts, beer, pop, ice cream etc all over the boat and the crew spent most of the time swilling the puke off the decks into the scuppers and lower cabin. Lovely. NOT. The crew passed black bin liners round so I guess they thought we could share sick bags and give them back when they were full. Urgh.

3. Decline onboard hospitality. To top it all off the crew then even offered us all a bacon butty which not surprisingly was declined by most and precipitated another bout of vomiting by many. The lunchbag came in handy though. Killing us with kindness as one Aussie holidaymaker said!

4. Dont expect to see any dolphins.

Anyway, should be back in time to go to the club Thursday. I think we are starting a refight of day 1 of Gettysburg. Whatever, it'll be good to be home to the rain and cold and affordable alcohol :o)

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  1. 4. Sounds reminiscent of our whale watching trip off Mull...