Tuesday 16 July 2013

What the ****have I done?

You might ask, and so did I! Over the past couple of months I appear to have started not 1 but 3, yes 3 new projects! OMG! No wonder the dog looks like an RSPCA advert and my daughter is walking around in rags.....well last year's season! Utterly mad, specially as I still have a few TYW figures and more than a few SYW and AWI figures to complete. So what have I done?

Well, the original plan was to do some Muskets and Tomahawks figures utilising some spare AWI figures, as in Drums Along the Mohawk. Bought a few buildings, a stockade and some additional figures...not many as I have lots of excess AWI rebels, civilians, Indians and a few loyalists and Brits.

Next, somehow, I seem to have acquired the beginnings of a Crimean War collection. The British are well  on the way although the Russians are taking their time (true to form perhaps).

Finally, I started painting the last of my long-mothballed 1st Carlist War collection.

Well I can't really justify continuing all 3 projects. One at least has to be put on hold and back in the box for another day.  So what will it be? Suggestions welcome.


  1. shove the Carlist back in moth balls, AWI is big ATM and I would love to see more Crimean war stuff around

  2. An all too familiar problem for most gamers I suspect. Ditch the Crimea for now, Carlist War needs fewer figures to get on the table and enjoy.

  3. The Crimean War has to be dumped, that way leads to madness and frustration.
    The Carlist War stuff you should also put back from whence they came.
    The Indian Wars is your best bet to getting a project complete or at least as near to completion to any project.

  4. Carlists who cares?
    Crimean- Nah stodgy
    FIW - been there done that.
    Bin the lot and do something different !!!

  5. Well that's 1 vote for each and one vote to dump them all lol! Trouble is I'm old enough to have done all sorts of periods which whatever their previous attraction no longer float my boat ( no I am not doing naval,yet). What to do? All of them.......slowly?

    1. Colin - my problen with FIW is probably muskets and Tomahawks- another brawl in the wilderness bearing onlyy a passing resemblence to what actually happened. Carlists are just scruffy napoleonics in funny hats
      Crimeans best of the 3 perhaps but Joe has it right that way lies madness - couldn't bear painting all those tedious russians.

    2. Hi Andy, I agree with you re Muskets and Tomohawks and the unimaginable tedium of painting the Russians but where there's a will...... but I confess I like funny hats. I think I will just plod along in no particlaur hurry and finish off every last SYW and TYW figure in my metal/plastic box of doom.