Wednesday 24 July 2013

Blundering Dung Heap

I bought this off Architects of War ages ago with a view to using it as exactly what it says on the tin as random scenery for my AWI  games. It came with all sorts of other useful bits and pieces which will see the daylight sometime. Came across it a few days ago in the 'drawer of doom' and decided to give it a quick paint job. In one of the magazines (Flames of War Illustrated I think) recently someone was describing a First Carlist War game using Black Powder where they used the 'Blunder Donkey', which was placed next to a general who had thrown for command and blundered, the idea being that apart from all the donkey jokes they would have to endure, they would get -1 on all subsequent command roles until someone else threw a blunder, when the token would be passed on. Now, I do have a donkey model, but I thought replacing it with a representation of steaming pile of manure might be equally appropriate, as would any comments about a general's ability to get their troops to do anything so here it is. I shall try it out tomorrow. Thankfully it doesn't smell...


  1. General Sir Erasmus Bunglethorpe, at the Battle of Illegible, was issuing orders in a village square when a battalion fell back under under heavy pressure past where he was standing on horseback. The sudden rush of soldiery and increased volume of battle caused his inexperienced horse to shy and bolt, depositing the surprised general in a heap of horse manure.

    Cursing and swearing, Sir Erasmus emerged from the noisome cushion, and began stanping his boots to shake off the worst of the ordure. So quickly had events unfolded that the routing battalion had long disappeared and the enemy were flooding into the village square. There was no escape for Sir Erasmus. Alerted to the noise he was making, an enemy officer had him fetched out of the muck at bayonet-point and made prisoner of war.

    From this we can learn:
    1/ It is not always an enemy that puts you in the poo;
    2/ It is not always a friend who gets you out of the poo;
    3/ And when you are in the poo, don't make a song and dance about it.

  2. As seen in action - twice ! (by the Poles) *sniggers