Sunday 14 July 2013

By Fire and Sword

I pre-ordered these while I was away from North Star at a discounted price of £31 if I remember correctly. Have read through them a couple of times and absorbed the wargamers' porn; loads of fabulous photos. Not sure I will ever use the rules, we shall see, but the info on the Polish-Lithuanian and later Swedish armies is just what I was looking for so I can put the finishing touches to the former and see what if anything I need to do to my TYW Swedes.

My last post suggested that I would return to a refight of Gettysburg at the Durham club. This has been postponed rather than interrupt the momentum of the Seven Years War campaign. Last week saw the start of a new campaign season. The Russians advanced on Konigsburg and the Prussians elected to fight them. The latter are outnumbered but have a very strong defensive position flanks by woods and rivers on both sides which will mean the Russians risk being channelled into a killing zone if they are to close with the Prussians. Der Kreigskunst rules favour the Prussians in command, moving and firing so it will be a tough one for the Russians.

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