Tuesday 6 January 2015

More really useful Prussian SYW units based up....

Slowly getting through the backlog of painted-not-based units caused by 6 weeks hiatus while the builders were in doing their stuff. Here's the latest batch of not so useful Prussians and their allies.

 Top Two: Frei Grenadier battalion von Schony

 Next Two: Schaumburg-Lippe Buckerberg Carabiniers. OK there was on;y a small squadron of them in real life but they loo good.

 Next Two: Dismounted Prussian Dragoons. On the left Frei Dragoons von Glasenapp. On the right Freikorps von Gschray. 

Last Four: Mounted and dismounted Freikorps von Kleist Horse Grenadiers.


  1. That's a very interesting selection of units. You have reminded me that my next project (alright, my next order of painted figures) should be some dismounted dragoons and hussars.

    Cheers, Keith.

  2. A lovely choice of figures. These will be particularly useful if you decide to fight a campaign where the better regiments go off with Frederick and his subordinates have to fight with frei-korps, light cavalry and the little allies like Schaumberg-Lippe. Good job!