Friday 16 January 2015

Russian Seven Years War Observation Corps

I found these lurking in a box under my table last weekend during a search for a pair of pink furry handcuffs (seriously!). I must have bought them, the figures that is, off eBay quite a few years ago and then put them somewhere safe to finish at a later date. I never noticed them during the great migration downstairs but am glad I've rediscovered them.

My interest in the SYW had waned a couple of years ago and I moved on to other things. Full circle, I am now back 'into' SYW big time so having found them I thought I'd better get them based up. I've not done anything to the paint job other than a very basic tidy up and varnish; they will do ok and the basing matches nicely with my other Russians.

I now have 14 x 36 figure battalions of Russian infantry which is probably enough. The only reason I have more Prussians is because of the variety of uniforms and troop types available which is sadly not the case with the Russians. These are almost all Old Glory with a couple of odd Foundry figures added to make up the numbers. The flags are by Maverick Models.

Making a start on some more Russian Cavalry next; two regiments each of Horse Grenadiers and Dragoons and some more Cossacks.


  1. Always nice to find figures that you forgot isn't it? Even better when they can appear on the tabletop so quickly.

  2. Hard to believe that many figures could go AWOL for so long. Since your interest has returned to SYW, this is a great testament to never selling your figures.