Friday 2 January 2015

"I'm getting married in the morning!"

Tomorrow afternoon I am re-marrying after a very long 12 years since my late wife passed away with cancer. My wife-to-be, long-suffering girlfriend/fiancé Katherine, is really incredibly supportive when it comes to my wargaming activities, especially my spending!!!! She is genuinely interested and encourages me to host games and go to war-game shows, although the latter has the caveat that we tend to stay overnight and she spends the day in the hotel spa!

So 2015 looks like it'll be getting off to a cracking start, with official ill-health early retirement or something like that just around the corner. What project shall I start? Which will I actually complete? I probably need to finish off basing about 200 SYW and 1866/FPW figures to make some space. And I'm looking forward to some great gaming now that my man cave is fully operational.


  1. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Happy New Year and congratualtions to you both, great start for 2015

  3. I think its time to down size some armies Colin, preferably at a knock down price to me.
    See you tomorrow, best of luck,

  4. Happy New Year Colin and Best Wishes to you both for the future!