Thursday 8 August 2019

French Revolutionary Wars Piedmontese

Over a year ago I was ‘chatting’ to Nic of Eureka Miniatures as I wanted to order some stuff to collect at Salute. He sent me some photos and a listing of the start of 28mm Piedmontese for the War of the First Coalition and I was smitten. Most of what I’d planned on ordering was scrubbed and instead I ordered four battalions of these rather lovely figures. They're not cheap but no postage and 30 per cent off made a hell of a difference.

Detaching the grenadiers will give me a four-base unit of combined grenadiers. Obviously I still have to landscape the bases but felt I needed to share these new acquisitions with my reader.

I’ve got some cavalry that will do nicely for a regiment of horse and/or dragoons and also dig out some spare Prussian SYW gunners who will do so the job so I can present the infantry with battalion guns

The flags are from Maverick Miniatures. The figures were painted by my mate Barry and will be based up by me.