Sunday 4 August 2019

Nusaree Battalion, Bengal Local Infantry

The Nusaree Battalion was the first unit of Gurkhas raised by the East India Company  following the war with Nepal in 1815. It was to remain the senior regiment of Gurkhas, as the 1st King George Vs Own (The Malaun Regiment) until the partition of India in 1947 when it transferred to the new Indian army. We have a family interest in this regiment as my wife’s grandfather served with them from being commissioned in 1900 to 1916 when he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

Interestingly at the time of the Anglo Sikh Wars the battalion was not yet armed with rifles and carried colours. Most of these figures are from Old Glory. The European officer on the centre base is by Mutineer Miniatures and the standard bearer is Iron Duke with a head swap.