Tuesday 18 February 2020

Hanoverians for Flanders 1793-95

I’ve been scrabbling around trying to finish a couple of units for the Hanoverian contingent for my Flanders 1793-95 games.

First up the 3rd Cavalry Regiment. These are Eureka miniatures, painted and based by me. The flag is temporary until I can get round to sourcing one or over painting this one.

Next, also done by me, a couple of bases of skirmishers representing the rifle companies of the 14th Light Infantry. I've no idea what make the figures are but they do the business. I've got some Austrian landwehr to paint as the rest of the regiment - same uniform more or less but blue/grey jackets.

I'm working on the 9th Light Dragoons using very old Hinchliffe One piece casting British AWI light Dragoons, and a battalion of Emigres are almost done.


  1. Top notch units, love the cavalry!

  2. More? Are the foundations, let alone the table, up to this? Good to see some Hanoverian cavalry!

    1. I oversaw the foundations being laid and they are sound. Anyway, not new metal so doesn't count 😉