Thursday 6 February 2020

Monthly progress January 2020

A new year and the same old lead mountain, plus or minus the couple of thousand figures that passed through during the course of last year, or emerged from the darkness after a furlough of several years in the case of the Sikh Wars stuff.

January has been quiet by my standards due to health and other commitments but I've done my best to keep going as I've found that my painting mojo is still there, 'mojoing' quite happily about.

Painted and based wholly by me:

3 Btns Austrian Grenadiers, French Revolutionary Wars (FRW)  - 72 figures
1 battery Bavarian artillery, FRW - 12 figures and 3 cannon
Anglo-Hanoverian ADCs, FRW - 4
1 battery Hanoverian artillery, FRW - 12 figures and 3 cannon
1 Regt Piedmontese Cavalry FRW - 12 figures
1 battery French Emigre artillery - 15 figures and 3 cannnon

Painted by somebody else, based etc. by me:
1 btn plus skirmishers and gunners, Polish Legion, FRW - 40 figures (Rob)
4 btns Dutch infantry, FRW - 96 figures (Barry)
1 regt Austrian Hussars, FRW - 24 figures (Barry)
1 regt Austrian Dragoons, FRW - 24 figures (Barry)
1 regt French Chasseurs a Cheval, FRW - 24 figures (Barry)

I seem to have quite a few (half a dozen) units on the go in various stages of completion, so I hope that these will be done by the end the month.

Games: 3

Not a bad month.


  1. Beats my 80 figures into a cocked hat.

    1. Yeah but these are troops FINISHED not troops started and finished so not too good really. IMHO

  2. I'm saying nothing, this is so depressing to we sloths...

    1. Sorry my friend. But as I say above, these are figures finished in January, not figures started and finished in January.