Wednesday 10 February 2021

A freebie lecture on siege mentality in the English Civil Wars

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Free Public Lecture – 24th February 4pm - Fear played a large part in siege warfare and was one of the key effects of ordnance bombardment on a settlement. This presentation will look at the physical and psychological damage inflicted by the ordnance on urban sites in the English Civil Wars.
In the 17th century gunpowder artillery had become a new aspect of warfare, supporting the previous methods of breaking a siege by storm or undermining its defences. While similar in style and effect to previous mechanical artillery, the nature of these devices meant that they could be used at an increased rate, and to greater affect.
The presentation will introduce 17th century siege warfare and its place in the English Civil War, how artillery brought about the surrender of the settlements.
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Dr Sam Chadwick is a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester. He specialises in the English Civil Wars, siege warfare and “the crowd”, any time the lower classes get uppity and try and throw off their shackles. He is currently writing a book for Helion & Company on the significance of artillery in the sieges of the English Civil Wars.
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