Friday 16 April 2021

Another quiet week plugging away in the Burrow but more units off to barracks.

I don’t know where the days go, but on Thursday  I was so absorbed in ‘stuff’ that I was convinced it was Tuesday, and the weekend just teleported into my path rather suddenly. The result is that so far I’ve not actually finished anything I’ve done myself this week. I got some basing completed though.

French 18thC Cuirassier du Roi. These are Foundry figures that my mate Barry painted. I did the basing. I just need a flag now. They will join the other half of the regiment and will see action in the summer if were allowed out to play. One day I shall rebase all my 18thC cavalry with just two figures per 50mm x 50mm base but for now I will stick with the current basing convention. If nothing else it’ll give me bigger or more regiments! (Evil cackling)

Last Saturday I ran a game, which I will post a very late account of in a day or so. Then on Wednesday I played in a game of Warlord’s Victory at Sea rules system using Richard’s ships. The Germans had to sink the Allied convoy without either of their capital ships being crippled. I have to say the rules are easy to pick up, and whilst a little simplistic, do give a good game, so thanks Richard for an entertaining afternoon.

Knuckleduster castings Glengarry Light Infantry for the War of 1812. I’ve already got the Glengarries in close order but needed to be able to show them broken up into skirmish order as well. Again, painted by Barry, based by me.

I should be in a position to finish the basing several units of Late Romans and Goths over the weekend, as well as another War of 1812 Canadian unit, Caldwell’s Rangers, all five figures of them! They get to play with the First Nation’s warriors.


  1. Grand additions to your collections Colin!

  2. Very nicely painted Cuirassiers du Roi although I prefer the unit with hats for Fontenoy and Dettingen. ;-)