Monday 19 April 2021

Who remembers these? ACW Bubblegum Cards

I came across these on eBay recently and snapped the complete set up for a bargain. I never did get the full set back in the mid-late 1960’s, but I still have about 30 tucked away in an old stamp album somewhere; it was always “just one more pack of gum then I know I can give it up”, but I got nowhere close. 

This set has always stuck in my mind and to this day I recall the pre-teen goulash delight me and my mates took in opening up our Saturday sweet shop purchases to see how much blood and gore could be crammed into a tiny piece of cardboard this week!  I doubt they’d be deemed appropriate these days. Apologies for the poor photos. Something to do with the sun shining so not going to complain.



  1. I remember them Colin, they were tremendous to a kid who wanted to wear the rebel grey.

  2. Splendid Colin...
    I remember these well...
    There was also the Mars Attacks cards around at about the same time....
    The other thing I remember is how horrible the gum was.

    All the best. Aly

  3. Happy Memories! There are reprints around but the originals seem to fetch serious money these days.

    1. I believe these are originals as they have the same musty smell of ancient bubblegum as my surviving ones from 50 years ago. It’s amazing how evocative these are of what was ok to include in kids’ sweets in days of yore.

  4. These are great. A little macabre in the depictions, but just the thing to frame and hang on a wargaming wall. A nice distraction for when the die hate you and only roll 1.

  5. Was never a gum chewer, but I do seem to remember these. As you say, far too gory for today's woke snowflakes.

  6. I had a good chuckle over the Death In The Water card. Sharks!

  7. I still have the complete set in the rather battered album. Wall of Corpses,what they call a rare these days,was the very devil to find. Unfortunately I've lost the whole set of facsimile Confederate currency that went with the cards.