Wednesday 21 April 2021

The first of my Goths

 Fresh off the production line we have these five units of Visigothic or Ostrogothic infantry.

The miniatures are a right old mix of manufacturers, including Gripping Beast, Footsore and A and A IIRC. I painted the three skirmish units myself, using mainly contrast paints, and the close order war bands were bought off eBay and tidied up then based along with the skirmish stands. I’d better get some cavalry done soon.


  1. Those look great, Colin. 👍. Much more colourful than the goths you see around here these days 😆

  2. Thanks, Colin, this is a period and army I like to see. I look forward to the cavalry.
    Unfortunately you've also reminded me that some of my infantry, despite much use, still haven't had their shields added!
    A great project [yours i mean]