Saturday 3 April 2021

More Late Romans

 This week I completed these fine fellows to add to the Late Roman collection.

Gripping Beast plastic - very nice miniatures 

Armoured horse archers - A and A Miniatures iirc. Not sure about  them really. For a  late 4th/early 5thC army.

Another command base

I’m managing to plough through my Late Roman mountain quite painlessly, in a metaphorical rather than physical way at least. What’s worse is the fact that I’m quite enjoying sticking all these bloody plastic figures together; perhaps not something to broadcast too loudly....oops! I don’t just have Gripping Beast plastics in the army as there are a good number of metal figures from Gripping Beast, Footloose, A and A Miniatures, Foundry and the gorgeous Aventine, all of which give a bit of variety.

The next challenge is to start on the Goths. The original plan (Ha! I spit on your plan!) was to build up two Late Roman forces of the late 4th century, and then run a series of linked games as a little mini campaign for the guys to take part in. The Goths were planned to be an allied contingent for one of the armies battling for the control of what’s left of the Empire, but I reckon that when finished they’re going to be a large enough force to fight under their own banners. Doh!


  1. Going along nicely, as you'd expect really. But, enjoying sticking plastic figures together? Clearly not for me!!

  2. Looking good Colin and the GB plastics are a fine range of figures in my view 👍

  3. Looking very nice Colin. Sticking plastic figures together can be very therapeutic in its own way......I've just bought several boxes of plastic Zulus so I have to be supportive of a fellow sufferer!!!! Guess we could go to the GP for a PSA test - Plastic Stickers Anonymous! Chris