Sunday 3 September 2023

No more displacement activity. Early Napoleonic Russians

I finally managed to complete these chaps today, three battalions of the Bielosurk Musketeer Regiment, 96 figures in total. I have to admit to being a little confused at one point (ok, I still am….) regarding regimental organisation and collar/shoulder strap colours due to the bewildering array of conflicting information on the subject. Ultimately I have used the colours described in Laurence Spring’s excellent book on Russian Napoleonic infantry uniforms. It is really good. 

I have the two Ospreys on the subject but they’re very old and I’m assuming research outcomes have moved on from  40 or more years ago. I have decided to organise my regiments in three battalions of 32, including eight grenadiers.

If you recall, the vast majority of my Russian miniatures are from Casting Room Miniatures, purchased over the course of three of their Christmas ‘25 percent off’ sales. I have always liked them for their simplicity and the fact they are wearing greatcoats, which the Russian poor bloody infantrymen were required to do for seven months of the year if I remember correctly. These figures were the guinea pigs for my first mass use of the much-vaunted ‘speed paints, v2’. I didn’t find them especially speedy but they got the job done. Not as good as I would have liked and I can do better, (actually I am cross with myself as they’re sub standard even for me!) but I can’t face repainting them! (Might put a spot of highlight on their collective noses). These guys were started when I was away in India last month so they’ve earned quite a few air miles before they even get a chance to hit the battlefield. 

The flags are as always by Maverick Models.


  1. An impressive and well travelled body of Ivans! I have the Crimean book at present by the same author. It's stuffed full of interesting information for the wargamer too.

  2. Very nice Colin. The greatcoat option is both practical and accurate for the reasons you suggest. Looking very good indeed.

  3. They look like great figures- very nice work!