Tuesday 5 September 2023

A Little Bit of Artillery Support, Russian Style.

I took advantage of the sunshine to finish these off; a full battery each of foot and horse artillery, each with 12 cannon and unicorns, hence them having six model guns each. A formidable challenge for any Frenchmen foolish enough to get in the way. Thankfully for the Swedes in their war, there were fewer guns deployed by the Russians (on their special military operation to release the Finns from their despotic Swedish overlords!) due I suspect to the terrain not being especially favourable.

In front is a light horse battery equipped with 6-pdrs and light unicorns. Behind them a heavy foot battery with 12-pdrs and heavy unicorns. Unicorns are as many will know a uniquely Russian howitzery thing. I suppose I ought to do some limbers, perhaps one per half battery otherwise it’ll run a tad pricey.

The gunners are all Casting Room Miniatures while the cannon are mixture of Foundry and Bicorne. I will be working on some generals next, and a regiment of dragoons I think, before returning to my remaining infantry in the shape of six more battalions.