Friday 29 September 2023

Friday Roundup and some 1866 bits ‘n’ bobs.

I’m continuing to make progress through the half finished stuff on my desk as well as working on more Russian and Swedish units for my Russian invasion of Finland in 1808. But first here’s another battalion of Austrians for my 1866 army, followed by some Prussian jäger on skirmish bases for both 1866 and 1870/71. Both are a bit of a rushed job just to get them off to barracks.

I’ve had these on the desk for maybe a year or more. I now have three and a half brigades of Austrians; 21 battalions of line and four of jager, together with their artillery, making a full corps, or they will when I finish the last three infantry battalions sitting in the lead mountain. 

My Prussian jäger battalion is based in close order so when I saw these then unpainted figures going for pennies (it’s relative to their price new) on eBay I needed no encouragement to buy them. 

I’ve started having a serious (?) clear out and a few things are trickling onto eBay to replenish the funds. It’s amazing what gets unearthed from the box of doom in the Burrow or down the garden in the greenhouse of forgetfulness. I found those other three battalions of 1866 Austrian infantry referred to above for heaven’s sake! Well at least I will now be able to field a complete Austrian corps of four brigades, each of a battalion of jäger and six of line infantry (two regiments), plus all the necessary artillery and cavalry. On artillery, I’ve just about completed the doubling up of the Austrian batteries, giving them each two models (some actually have a limber, others an abandoned gun) and a wider more accurate frontage. I just need to do the same with the Prussians now, then the French. 


  1. You do crack stuff out at the gallop old chap! Me, I get tired just reading about it nowadays...👴🏻