Tuesday 26 September 2023

Another Russian Napoleonic Battalion


I’ve finished another unit for my Napoleonic Russians, a battalion of the Velikij-Lukiska Musketeer Regiment. I’ve already completed their grenadiers, and am well on towards finishing the next battalion of the regiment this week.

As before these are old Casting Room Miniatures, the flags being from the excellent Maverick Models Here.

Once this regiment is done and I get my finger out and paint a dragoon regiment (perhaps the thought of 30 figures is the reason?) I’ll be able to pit them against my little Swedish army for their baptism of fire. 

As usual these photos make all the mistakes very visible but at the moment this is the best I can manage. They’ll look impressive en masse though I am certain.

If anyone has the definitive organisation of a Russian regiment for the period 1807 to 1808 I’d be very pleased to hear from you. I’ve read so much conflicting information my brain has gone 😡. Follower Carlo has offered some advice so at the moment I’m organising a regiment as three battalions, each of 24 musketeers and eight grenadiers, which is also how Pete at Elite Miniatures has his shown in the photo gallery on his webstore.

I’ve  got quite a few other bits almost ready to go off to barracks that’s been lying (cluttering) my painting desk for months; mainly Austro Prussian and Franco Prussian War units, of which more anon. (They are the perfect displacement activity to avoid painting Russian cavalry).


  1. Nice new addition there, but 2807 puts them a bit ahead of the others?

  2. Colin, I love the early Russians and their flags of the time.

    I have Nafziger's green book "The Russian Army 1800-1815". If you haven't accessed it let me know how I can get you images of a few pages.

    1. Thanks Richard. I don’t have that book but would love to source a copy. I think you can message me via the contact form on my home page. Colin

  3. Very nice work. It will be a treat to see them in action.