Saturday 23 September 2023

This week’s stuff

I took delivery of a regiment of uhlans for my early Russian Napoleonic army this week. To the best of my knowledge no uhlan regiments served in Finland against the Swedes but they will of course be very useful as and when I use the army to fight the French during the 1807-1808 Polish campaign. These are old Casting Room Miniatures acquired during one of their  Christmas sales that I’ve used over the last three years to build up the Russian army; 25 percent off makes a big difference to the list price (yes, a quarter off, I can do the maths) when buying in bulk. The minis were painted for me by my mate Rob at Northumbrian Painting Services and very nice they are too.

All I’ve done is base them and bung a couple of flags on.

Next up will be another regiment of Russian cavalry in the shape of some dragoons.


  1. Very nice addition to your army, lovely figures and really well painted, cracking regiment.

  2. A very handsome unit!

    Kind Regards,


  3. Grand additions there! You can't beat 'stuff' can you?