Tuesday 5 September 2023

Russian Steamroller Arrives!

All of a sudden my Napoleonic Russians have increased in numbers almost three fold, and there are nine battalions now complete.

A Jäger regiment of two battalions flanked by two musketeer battalions and some spare Grenadiers waiting for their parent unit.

Jäger. I need to swap out the standard bearer figures as it seems they did not carry flags. Grrrrr!

These are the figures painted by Marching in Colour while I was away. I based them this morning on the patio steppes (do you see what I’ve done there?). They put my humble efforts to shame but they will mix in fine.

I think now is the time to do some commanders and a regiment of dragoons, once the remaining two half batteries of artillery are finished, which could be tomorrow.


  1. Have to say looking forward to them in action colin. Early napoleonic russians being my favoured version of les Ivans