Friday 1 February 2019

January Painting Totals

I’ve been on a bit of a roll painting wise since Christmas so I thought I’d start doing a monthly roundup of my ‘achievements’. I wonder how long I will keep this up (both the output and the roundup) but let’s have a go.

The rules:
1. I only count figures I personally have painted from scratch. Stuff done for me does not count.
2. I don’t need to have based them up.
3. Basing is a separate category as I tend to have periodical phases of basing frenzy. All figures count.
4. Terrain items are included.

January 2019:
1670’s-1680’s ‘Turkenkreig’ - 27 cavalry, 196 infantry (Savoyards, Venetians, Saxons, Celle, Papal, Brandenburg and Bavarian)
Vendée - 4 Royalist infantry
French Revolution - 12 Austrian artillerymen which were also fully based up.

4 Hovels Dutch-style buildings

No basing frenzy in January (December’s base-fest burnt me out) but this month I must get all the Turkenkreig units based and tabletop ready.  I’ve unearthed four or five  more units (one foot, one dragoon, which actually count as two u it’s as I need to do them mounted and on foot, and three of horse) to paint up as Savoyards, Venetians or Imperial troops (maybe a unit of Bavarian infantry as I have the flags for some reason). All manner of German stets sent troops to help Venice and the Austrians fight the dreaded Turk so plenty of variety for sure.

I also want to make up some FRW Hanoverian flags so I can swap them out temporarily with my English FRW units which will then ‘do’ as Hanoverians for a few games I have in mind e.g. Hondschoote, Famars. I seem to have subconsciously started gaming the major battles of the War of the 1st Coalition in sequence and by theatre of operations. That sounds like a good plan to have for  2019, although there are surprisingly few battles in 1793 that are game able i.e. they’re too small or geographically too dispersed, or too one sided to make it much fun for the underdog. However, next weekend I might turn the clock back to 1792 and do a refight of Valmy, not as it panned  out in reality but as a ‘what if?’ the Prussians had pressed home their attack.

Now f it’s not snowing in the morning I can get cracking on undercoating a couple of units.


  1. Colin that is a heck of a lot of output for one month! Well done!

  2. Goodness Colin, that is a lot of figures painted. I am impressed by the notion of your your "basing frenzy". I based most of my Numidians in one go and dreaded every moment of it. Back to piecemeal basing for me I think.

    1. Thanks. Many years ago the Basing Department was my 8 year old daughter. 10p for each base dipped in the sand. She’s almost 24 now so inflation has made that option unaffordable.

  3. Replies
    1. Not like you David. 🤪😜 I was/am on a roll and they’re relatively easy to paint. Can 8 keep it up in my assault on the lead mountain%?