Friday 8 February 2019

Tomorrow's Valmy Refight Orders of Battle

Valmy is one of the few early French Revolutionary Wars battles with a detailed OoB for both sides. The Allies are readily available but the chaotic nature of the Republican army's organisation during the early years of the Constitution and Republic means that there is often little to go on. Life is too short to dig deeper, so a bit of 'guesstimating' is required, flavoured with a little of 'what I've actually got in the way of troops'. I digress. For Valmy we do have OoB, thanks to Naftziger and Digby Smith among others.

Now as reader(s) will know I'm not short of little men for the FRW, and over recent years my pension has suffered the ravages of my very own Levée en Masse. OK, I don't have loads of volunteers and Garde Nationale units (yet, they're in the box of doom waiting their turn to be mobilised) nor do I have 1792 Prussians, but I do have 1792 French regulars, lots of 'les Blues' battalions and a rather large and lovely 1806 Prussian army that will all have to do.

So, here are the OoB for tomorrow's game, suitably bath-tubbed of course. I do not claim these as being any more than the best I can fudge given the info and figures I have.

Prussian Army: Commander in Chief Charles William Ferdinand the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (8)

(King Frederich William II present) (6)
Advance Guard: GL Erbprinz von Prince Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen (8)
Musketeer btn x 4
Fusilier btns x 1
Jagers x 1 (small)
Dragoon regt x 1
Hussar regt x 1
Artillery x 1 (8 x 6pdrs)
Horse Artillery x 1 (8 x 6pdrs)

1st Division: FM The Duke of Brunswick (GL von Schönfeld commanding) (8)
Musketeer btns x 5

2nd Division: Gen-Lt Guillaume René de l’Homme, Seigneur de Courbiere (8)

Musketeer btns x 8

2nd Cavalry Division: GL Graf von Lottum (8)
Cuirassier regtx x 3
Dragoon regts x 3

Detached Corps: GM von Eben (8) 
Fusilier btns x 2
Hussar regt x 2
Horse Artillery x 1 (8 x 6pdrs)
Foot Artillery x 1 (8 x 6pdrs)

Artillery reserve:
Artillery x 2 (12pdr)

French Army : Commander in Chief General Francois Christophe Kellerman (9)

Armeé du Nord: General Charles Francois Dumouriez (9)

Right Division: Lt-Gen Alexis-Paul-Michel Tanneguy Le Veneur de Tillière(8)
Heavy Cavalry x 1
Hussars x 1 (small)
Chasseurs á Cheval x 1 (small)
Regular Line btns x 1
Grenadier btns x 1
Volunteers x 3
Horse Artillery x 1 (4pdr)

Left Division: Lt. Gen Francisco de Miranda (9)
Heavy Cavalry x 1 (small)
Chasseurs á Cheval x 1 (small)
Hussars x 1 (small)
Regular Line btns x 2
Vounteers x 3
Artillery x 1 (12pdr)

Reserve Division: Marechal de Camp Miazinski (8)
Regular Line x 1
Volunteers x 2
Artillery x 1 (6pdr)

Armee de Centre: General Francois Christophe Kellerman (9)

Advance Guard: General Étienne Desprez-Crassier (7)
Dragoons x 1 (small)
Chasseurs á Cheval x 1
Horse Artillery x 1 (4pdr)

1st Division: General Isadore Lynch (8)
Regular Line x 3
Cuirassier x 1
Dragoons x 1
Artillery x 1 (12 pdr)

2nd Division: General David-Maurice Champouliès de Barrau de
Muratel (7)

Regular Line x 1
Volunteers x 1
Cavalry x 1
Artillery x 1 (6pdr)

Reserve: General Jean-Baptiste Cyrus de Timbrune de Thiembronne, Comte deValence (8)
Grenadier btn x 2,
Regular Chasseurs x 1

I'm looking forward to seeing how the game pans out. Should be fun.

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