Saturday 23 February 2019

The Action at Raismes, set up

The armies are deployed. Coalition on the right and French on the left. NORTH is to the right. 

French forces stretch in line to the west. They must break the Coalition army.

The forces of the Coalition. Closest are the Prussians, then the Dutch with the Austrians furthest from the camera. The English are not yet on the battlefield. 
Well, soon be time for kick off so let's see how it goes.


  1. The Stage is set' Lovely looking table of minis!

  2. Very nice. I am also happy to see the flock of sheep made it once more onto the battlefield. Needless to say they must be quite used to the sound of gunfire by now.

  3. A fine looking game there! Enjoy!

  4. Excellent Colin.
    Nice bit of sun coming through the window....