Friday 1 March 2019

February painting totals

Not such a productive month as January but we did go away for ten days which did knock me back a bit in terms of the production line. It was a well deserved break, first in a spa converted from a WW1 era fort, then Waterloo and then Ypres. Nevertheless the following was achieved:

1. 12 more Austrian French Revolutionary Wars artillerymen painted and based up.
2. A unit of 9 Savoyard dragoon’s for the 1670's. Not yet finished the bases.
3. A unit of 15 dismounted Savoyard dragoon’s (same regiment as above, and yes there are more on foot than mounted but that’s just the way I base them so all units whether on foot or mounted have the same 180mm frontage. I also finished a horse holder and three horses to go with them. Again, the bases are not yet done.
4. Completed the basing on four battalions of 1793 Dutch, 96 figures in total. They had been painted languishing in a box for months but kept creeping down the basing queue rather than up it.

Loads of stuff is still work in progress, for example I have just fixed 20 battalions of Sikh regulars and Bengal Native Infantry (400 figures) to their mdf bases, and these will hopefully (they bloody will!) be finished by the end of March, but my priority is the completion of the bases of my 1670s Piedmontese for a game on Friday a week today. In addition I’ve had a really big clear out but apart from emptying a fair few really useful boxes that sit waiting to be refilled with stuff and adding more stuff to the eBay box I’m not too impressed with my efforts just yet. Let’s wait till I’ve finished.


  1. February output was respectable especially considering you were away and a short month anyway.

  2. Lots going on and as Jon says Feb is a short month

  3. That 10 day trip is my kind of holiday.
    An excellent months production nevertheless.

  4. A fine total in any circumstances, so we'll done! Enjoy the basing!