Saturday 30 March 2019

March painting and production totals

A better month this time as I've had a massive splurge on basing. I’m not going to get anything else done before the end of the month (tomorrow!!!!) so here’s my output as of this morning:

Basing (already painted, many like the Sikh Wars stuff, some time ago):

  • 11 battalions of assorted 1670s Savoyards, Papal, Venetian, Bavarians, Saxons and Brandenburgers  based up. (33 bases in all plus movement trays)
  • 3 regiments of 1670s Savoyard, Bavarian and Celle cavalry. (9 bases plus movement trays)
  • 72 Sikh Wars Gorchara cavalry (12 big bases)
  • 10 Sikh Wars Zambareks (3 bases) and 4 deployed slightly bigger camel guns (2 bases)
  • 6 Sikh Wars Sikh command bases ( 16 figures)
  • Rebased 124 Ottomans.
  • 48 Sikh gunners in 4 batteries (incl 12 cannon)
  • 3 elephant drawn limbers

Completed, incl basing:

  • 12 Royal Navy Jolly Jack Tars hauling on ropes pulling a cannon for my 1799 Helder campaign.
  • 3 1670s mounted  command figures
  • 9 1670s Hannoverian horse
  • 24 1670s Bavarian infantry ( 1 battalion)
  • 4 1670s Savoy gunners (plastic)
  • 12 assorted Sikh Wars commanders (British and Sikh)
  • 12 Tartar irregular cavalry for the Ottomans.
  • 2 resin makeshift barricades
  • 1 circular redoubt (resin)
  • 1 Mediterranean style built up area base completed
  • 3 big games played

Objectives for April:

Complete basing of as many Sikh Wars units as possible
Source some more British generals for the Sikh Wars and get them started/finished
Elephants and bullocks to pull Sikh Wars cannon
Bengal Irregular Cavalry
Finish 60th Rifles

Rebase the rest of the Ottomans where necessary
Complete another couple of 1670s regiments of foot/horse/dragoons

Make a start on basing my French for the War of Polish Succession as well as getting cracking on the last of the infantry, artillery and commanders.

A few more Vendean rebels to,add to the masses.

All of the above are largely aspirational especially as we are away for almost a week, but to be able to tick a couple of them off the list would be worth a pat on the back and a generous gin and (slimline) tonic or two.

Keep focussed!


  1. As I said before, have you renounced sleeping and eating? That's a bloody impressive output for a month!

    1. I don't sleep very well but it's amazing how much can be done in 4 or 5 half hour sessions each day when I'm in the groove and the mind altering drugs are keeping me going 😉