Friday 29 March 2019

Venetian - Ottoman War, the battle of Grudnjac-Gaçice

On Saturday we are fighting the next stage of the above. Having been defeated, the Venetian led army has withdrawn, benefitting from confusion or indolence among the Ottoman high command and managed an orderly withdrawal. However, the army was unable to escape beyond the reach of the Ottomans and is forced to stand and fight yet again.

Venetian Briefing:
As you recall, your army was marching to raise the siege of the town of Prebranac[1]. You were intercepted by the Ottomans at the village of Prdusa Vela[2] close to the Church of Saint Agetha [3] and defeated, but not conclusively. Heavy casualties were also inflicted on the enemy. Your battered but largely intact army has withdrawn half a days forced march from battlefield, strangely unmolested by the Ottomans, and has taken up position in front of the river Babina Guzica [4], a tributary of which runs beyond the villages of Grudnjak [5] and Gaçice [6] and close to the church of St Polycarp of Smyrna [7]. It was not possible to retire across the river before the Ottomans arrived in hot(ish) pursuit, and to cross the river as soon as possible would have meant abandoning the baggage, camp followers and indeed many of your men to certain capture and enslavement. The Ottomans have already tried to capture your baggage, during yesterday’s battle, but were driven off. Your forces have worked through the night and early morning and have constructed some very rudimentary defences, which hopefully will assist in holding back the Ottoman tide. You must defeat the enemy quickly as the relief of Prebranac still remains a priority.

A good number of your units suffered heavy losses in the previous battle, some fleeing the field but then reforming as men returned to the colours. This has been reflected in their starting stamina and/or morale saves of some of your units. Your army has been reinforced by the camp guard and troops sent prior to yesterday's battle to drive off the Ottoman irregulars. All of your heavy guns were abandoned in the retreat.

Ottoman Briefing:
Your chief intelligencier Rumor Haçit Pasha advised you that a Christian army was marching to raise the siege of the town of Prebranac[1]. You intercepted the enemy at the village of Prdusa Vela[2]close to the Church of Saint Agetha[3]and defeated them, but not conclusively.

The enemy were able to retire unhindered due to quite(?) heavy losses incurred by your army (or indolence on behalf of the now ex-Governor, perhaps with an ulterior motive?) and the absence of your irregular cavalry that was too busy plundering the enemy’s baggage (actually failing miserably as they were driven off by troops diverted from the main Christian army and the bae guard).
Despite your losses, your  largely intact army rested overnight and in the early morning began its pursuit of the enemy, catching up with them around noon in front of the River Babina Guzica[4], holding a makeshift defensive line behind the villages of Grudnjak[5]and Gaçice[6]and close to the church of St Polycarp of Smyrna[7]They were unable to retire across the river before your forces arrived in hot pursuit; to do so would have meant surrendering their baggage and camp followers.

You have been reinforced, outnumber the enemy but do not have your artillery train as it could not keep up with your pursuit. You have a new commander as the former Governor is under tent arrest until he can be dealt with more appropriately. Sadly the only bow-armed troops in your army fled during the previous engagement so it has proved difficult to find any bows or bowstrings to carry out the likely sentence). You must now crush the infidel army.
[1]A noted Serbian dish of baked beans
[2]Big Fart in Croatian
[3]Patron saint of volcanic erruptions
[4]Grandma’s Ass – a real place name
[5]Bra - ditto
[6]Panties - ditto
[7]The patron saint of dysentery and earaches


  1. Place names the world over never fail to throw up gems like these. Looking forward to seeing how the revamped Ottomans perform. Will it be a type of new unit syndrome disaster?

    1. I enjoyed surfing t'internet for these corkers. As for the Turks I truly hope so as I am on the Venetian side in this game.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting our revenge on the Turk.

  3. Great looking setup...not a village I would want to capture 🙂