Thursday 28 March 2019

Refreshed Ottomans

After the game last Friday I promised myself I would start rebasing and touching up my far from homogeneous (?) and uncared for Ottoman army. Each unit will eventually be based on a 180mm frontage which will then match my late 17thC European and Polish armies. Conveniently they will also fit my standard movement trays. One immediate net gain has been that I’ve also managed to increase the number of units, squeezing out and extra two Janissary and one Balkan infantry unit. Similarly, when I get round to them, I will also be able to increase the number of Spahi units, which is only a bad thing if you're the enemy.
Three smartened up and rebased units of Jannissaries.   

Where I originally had a single unit of Balkan types with muskets I now have two, freshly rebased.

  • A brand new bunch of TAG Tartar irregular cavalry with ridiculously large lances. I started these on the weekend and finished them yesterday.  I will trim the lances down today.
There is another game planned on Saturday,  which will be a continuation of the scenario in which last week's Ottoman victory took place . 


  1. I am exhausted trying to keep up with this rebasing frenzy! Have you given up on sleep and eating?

    1. Sorry if I'm tiring you out David. Actually when I'm in the mood I quite like re/basing.

  2. Colorful and beautiful, well done!

  3. Delighted with the Turkish... (sorry). They do look great1

  4. They do look very smart on their new bases. There is a certain satisfaction with basing; the finishing touch.