Monday 29 April 2019

A Load of Bullocks! Sikh Wars Bengal Foot Artillery

The first three of my bullock train for primarily the Bengal Foot Artillery but I have enough teams to give the Sikhs three, I think. These castings are Empress Miniatures, with old Glory lascars , Warbases limbers and Studio Minis cannon.

Lastly I've managed to finish the remaining figures for HM 60th Rifles, bringing them up to full strength.

On the painting desk at the moment and almost done are three more Elephants with limbers, the Sikh Cinc on his Elephant and some random officers and ensigns to add to my Bengal Native Infantry.


  1. Winner of the award for best post title :) And nicely done figs as well!

  2. Brilliant title to draw in the reader! Also the figures are fine in themselves too!

  3. and Bullocks to you too! Mine are a mixture of redoubt ad Old Glory but are still naked !

  4. And I was just thinking about bullocks for my artillery :-). Looking forward to the pachyderm powered versions.