Monday 8 April 2019

Sikh Regular Lancers, Anglo-Sikh Wars

Thìs morning I completed the bases of these two regiments of Sikh regular lancers. The castings are again from Studio Miniatures and are again pretty wooden but appealing for all that. As I've said before I like them because of the shiny toy soldier look I wanted for this collection, and they were quite cheap. These two units of rather dubious quality are the last cavalry for my Sikh army, so now all I need to do is complete the bases of 20 batallions of infantry, which won't take that long once I get my head down. Then all I will need to do is finish the bases of half a dozen more Bengal Native Infantry, some Bengal Light Cavalry and Bengal artillery and I can get them all on the table for a game. I suspect it'll be a challenge getting the rules right and having everyone happy but it's more about me being happy with how the first game works.