Monday 15 April 2019

In the Emperor's Service. Wallenstein's Army

Another book on the 30 Years War from the prolific Lawrence Spring. As the title hints, this one focuses in detail on the army of the legendary/infamous Albrecht Von Wallenstein both before and after his assassination in 1634. Much of the book deals with individual aspects of the army, e.g. raising the regiments, the men and officers, uniforms, flags and so forth, each in some depth, complemented by chapters of the siege of Stralsund and the battle of Lutzen. The book is well illustrated throughout with many maps and contemporary b&w pictures and as is the norm these days there are several pages of glorious colour illustrations by the talented Mark Allen. The author includes a comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources. I learnt much from reading this book and can recommend it highly even if you have only a passing interest in the 30 Years War. Helion should be commended on their Century of the Soldier series.

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