Sunday 14 April 2019

The men behind Frederick the Great

I trundled into the little square where these statues are located purely by chance. An excellent find to end the trip.

von Winterfeldt

Marshal von Schwerin
von Seydlitz
FML James Keith

von Zeiten

That's it. I'm knackered from too much trundling. Berlin is great as it's flat, but cobbles are a killer, and not all the U-bahn stations have elevators. As I can barely make 50m without a rest I think my days of city breaks are over. Time now for a generous free scotch in the executive 'all you can eat for €120' lounge , then a bath, the last two episodes of Line of Duty season 3 and bed. Home tomorrow then I can do some more basing and painting and finish planning the game arranged for Saturday (I have a scenario but not sure about the period yet). That of course depends upon if I survive my weekly walk of shame at Slimming World on Wednesday!


  1. This last batch of pics are great.
    I seem to remember taking pics of these self same statues on the way back to the Hotel 2 years ago during a business trip (in the midst of a rainstorm). I guess you're staying in the same place based on your pics from earlier posts.
    It's a great city.

  2. Excellent find Colin. What wonderful monuments.

  3. You didn't visited Sans,Souci then? I think that there and in the villages of the Oderbruch the spirit of Frederick II. tangible. We had an excebition about the draining of the Oderbruch and Rhinluch in the former royal palace in my hometown. It was a nice touch to read the margin notes by Frederick at his letters.
    I see that you had an excellent hotel. How do you thought about the Zeughaus? You surely saw Frederick's uniform. Cheerio!

    1. Didn't have the energy for Potsdam or Sans Souci - too much walking for somebody with mobility problems. Maybe another time.