Tuesday 2 July 2019

Eureka 28mm Piedmontese for the French Revolutionary Wars

Earlier this year I was putting together the annual joint Eureka order for collection at Salute (30% discount and no postage or customs fees) Nic kindly sent me a list of his hot out of the moulds 28mm Piedmontese for the War of the First Coalition in Italy. I scrubbed most of what was in my original order and added four battalions of Piedmontese instead. Here are some photos of the castings which I have to say are in my humble opinion rather splendid.

A selection of the full range
Fusilier NCO, Grenadier Officer, Drummer and NCO

Fusilier officer, fusilier, fusilier er NCO, fusilier drummer
Fusilier firing line.
A few cavalry and a gun or two wouldn't go amiss.....


  1. Cool! But I thought you were focusing on Flanders!

    1. Ah yes! Well spotted and yes you've caught me out. I am focussing on Flanders at the moment, but am also focussing on Italy, Switzerland, the Vendee, the Rhine and Holland. Dammit! All of 1st and 2nd Coalition.

  2. I do like the Piedmontese, if they fight during the WAS or the 1st coalition.

    I can see now the whole prospect.

    You will play Montenotte, Milessimo and Mondovi...

    Good luck!

  3. You snuck those into our order on the quiet!