Thursday 18 July 2019

More 1792 Prussians

I found enough tufts to finish the remaining five battalions of my 1792-94 Prussians from Revolutionary Armies. The units shown below were painted by Northumbria Painting Services and based by me. The flags are from Adolfo Ramos (the missing flags are en route from Madrid as I type this).

A combined grenadier battalion.

What, I ask myself, am I to do with 24+ battalions of Prussians? (If I include my 1806 ones as well). I shall give it some thought, but in the meantime I shall enjoy just looking at them.


  1. How about refighting Jena and Austaedt, I know someone who has some French for sale. Granted they are the later French uniforms.

    1. Hi Robbie. They're on my list of battles to do. The somebody you know isn't you by any chance and your Young Guard? I think I have enough 1799 French in bicornes that'd be fine for 1806. I just need to borrow some cuirassier.
      Finally, if it for you and John down here for a game I'd do almost anything.

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  3. Looking at all These figures, I asked myself what do you want to play with them.
    Valmy certainly with a "what if Brunswick and Goethe (;-)) attacked"? Then the siege of Mainz with the Young innocent Frederick William in love with the even younger princess Luise.
    There are plenty of battles of the 1806-campaign: Schleiz, Saalfeld, Jena, Auerstedt, L├╝beck, Prenzlau...

    It's nice to see somebody with just the right figures of that conflict. I don't know if you would play the war against the Polish uprising in the 1790s too.

  4. More Prussians! I am just overwhelmed....